Diploma in
Digital Esthetic Dentistry and FMR




This program is meant for practising dentists anywhere in the world, searching for a complete hands on training in Esthetic dentistry. 


This program is meant for practising dentists anywhere in the world, searching for a complete skill enhancement program in Aesthetic Dentistry and Full Mouth rehabilitation. 

Duration:  One Year

Contact :    India +91 9945703281 (WhatsApp only)   


Title  obtained:  Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry 


Bachelors Degree in Dentistry  from any University


Dr.George Freedman 


Dr. George Freedman is co-founder and past president, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; co-founder, Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry; Regent and Fellow, International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics, and Diplomate and Chair, American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is Adjunct Professor of Dental Medicine, Western University, Pomona, California and Professor and Program Director, BPP University, London, UK, MClinDent Programme, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. Author of 14 textbooks, > 900 dental articles, and numerous webinars, is International Editor-in-Chief of Dental Tribune.  Read  more about Dr.Freedman on Wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_A._Freedman


Dr. Mahendra Patait 

Dr. Mahendra Patait, eminent Oral Diagnostician and an outstanding  Radiologist, completed his BDS from Government Dental College, Mumbai, and was conferred the degree of Masters in Dental Surgery in 2002. His academic excellence did not culminate here, and his unquenched thirst for knowledge prompted Dr Patait to secure a Ph. D in Dental sciences. As a Specialist general practitioner of having 17 years of experience, he is a specialist in Esthetic dentistry. He has done a lot of Imaging Guided surgeries and experienced in Digital Smile designing integrated with 3D Imaging and CAD-CAM technology. As a full mouth rehabilitation dentulous and edentulous cases in esthetic dentistry, he is thorough in Aesthetics with Ceramics – Crowns, Bridges, Inlay, Onlay, Laminates/Veneers (Composite & Ceramic) and Interdisciplinary approach-Implant Aesthetics, Perio Aesthetics, Ortho Aesthetics, With a Special Interest in Dental CBCT and Imaging Guided Implant Planning (Done more than 20000 Dental Implant planning) and Imaging Guided surgeries – with the surgical guide( more than 100) has surgical cases Done with Nobel Surgical Guide.

Dr. Rajiv Verma

A graduate of Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Rajiv Verma is in the field of dentistry for 35+ long years, his command on the subject of Clinical Prosthodontics has been witnessed till date by more than 30000+ dentists & 4000+ hands-on course participants in his 800+ lectures, presentations, live on patient demos, live on video shows at Famdent Conferences, WDA, DDS, FDI-CDE Programmes, Local, State & at National IDA Conferences & at his 252 Hands-On Course Batches of Porcelain Veneers, Crown & Bridge, Bonded Restorations and 26 batches of DSD - Digital Smile Design at his clinic at Thane, at ICODE, Delhi & at 8 more centres across India. His programme is one of the longest-running courses in India.

Dr. H. Murali











Dr Murali is a Professor,  Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics,  D.A Pandu Memorial R. V Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore. He has authored more than 25 publications and conducted Hands-on workshops in various countries. He is well trained and held responsibilities of sensitive and confidential work related to planning and conduct of theory and practical examinations.  He is a recognized Postgraduate teacher and Guide of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, INDIA in the speciality.
He is guiding Postgraduate residents in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics to train in Operative and Restorative Dentistry - Preclinical Course during the first year of the programme. He is a Post Graduate Guide for Library Dissertation, Case Discussions, Seminars, Journal Clubs, Paper and Poster Presentations and related academic activities. His teaching & clinical experience of 17 years in handling Postgraduate residency programs.




  • Principles of dental aesthetics and adhesion.

  • Aesthetic diagnosis, planning and interdisciplinary treatment of the patient's smile. Smile design

  • Indications of different materials, techniques and restoring and rehabilitation options of minimally invasive Aesthetic Dentistry.

  • Ceramic lamination, step by step.

  • Control of all commands and parameters of dental photography equipment.

  • Instructions and guides for protocolizing all types of photographic extra and intraoral records.

  • Prediction technique for aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth using composite. Restorations in Class III, IV, V, microdontic teeth, space closure.

  • Stratification in the posterior sector with composites to dominate the morphology and characterization of posterior teeth.

  • Different alternatives to implants in the previous sector.

  • Management and remodelling of preimplant tissues and fabrication of provisional teeth.

  • Principles of teeth whitening.

  • Customized diagnosis of each case and a customized treatment plan according to the type and level of discolouration and characteristics of each patient.

  • Restoring options in previous deteriorated teeth basing on ACE classification.

  • Different preparations of incrustation: inlay, overlay, only, and veneer-only.

  • Step by step instructions of adhesive buccal restorations with the maximal care of remnant dental structure.

  • Removable prosthesis, aesthetics, impression making, impression materials, laboratory procedures.

  • Gingival Veneers. 

  • Digital Smile Designing Session

  • Photography and Case Presentation

  • Aesthetics with composites - Anterior & Posterior

  • Introduction to Crown & Bridge

  • Interdisciplinary approach-Implant Aesthetics, Perio-Aesthetics, Ortho Aesthetics

  • Digital Dentistry - Hands-on for participants with Intra-Oral Scanners

  • Understanding Occlusion for function

  • Face-bow records and planning for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Smile Designing Case (From Diagnosis, Treatment Planning to Final Cementation)

  • Principles of Set-up of an Aesthetic Dental Practice

  • Unique Practice Management Program

Assessment: There will be assessment Exams that are conducted online after every Unit of theory session and a final assessment at the end of the course completion.



With University Diploma: -USD 3800/AED 13955/Euro 3280 / INR 283885



Initial payment : USD 500 / AED  1850 / Euro 435 / INR 37500

Balance in 8 Equal Monthly instalments 




  • Scanned pages of  1st and last pages of Passport.

  • Head Shot  Photograph soft copy.

  • Scanned copy of Dental Degree Certificate 

  • Scanned copy of Dental Council Registration 

  • Payment receipt

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